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The Law of YouTubers: The Next Generation of Creators and the Legal Issues They Face

This article was first published in the ABA’s Landslide® Magazine May/June 2017 issue (Volume 9, Number 5). Co-written by Franklin Graves & Michael Lee (@GeekAttorney). It’s undeniable that, by generating billions of daily views and hundreds of millions of hours in watch time over the course of a single day, YouTube is the go-to destination…


021: Sports law (w/ Dan Werly) + 1st year in-house job + law school transfer

On this week’s episode, I dive into the world of sports law with Dan Werly! Plus, we discuss transferring law schools, breaking into sports law as a young lawyer, and Dan answers the question everyone wants to know: “How I Graduated From Law School With A Job!” ABA Before the Bar article: In-house counsel job…


In-house counsel job right after graduation? It is possible! [ABA Before the Bar]

In this article, I examine both my own experience in landing an in-house legal job right out of law school, as well as the insights of a fellow in-house young lawyer and an experienced executive at a national healthcare services company. I believe it’s possible for first-year attorneys to find an in-house legal job and…


What Is a Career in Entertainment Law?

I recently participated in a rapid-fire Q&A webinar hosted by the American Bar Association’s Legal Career Central. I joined my Nashville-based colleague and law school friend Molly Shehan to provide insights about what it’s like to be an attorney practicing “entertainment law.” I approached the session from the in-house lawyer perspective while Molly provided a…


Guest Appearance #5 on This WEEK in LAW!

I’m always having a blast each time I join the panel on This WEEK in LAW! This time around, it was perfect timing to talk about augmented reality video games and Pokemon GO, the recent Fyre Festival disaster, YouTube’s growing pains with advertisers and YouTubers, fansubs, and more. I encourage you to either watch the…


The First CLE Recorded with a 360° Camera

I’m excited to finally share the video recording of the CLE panel I moderated at the the American Bar Association‘s 32nd Annual Intellectual Property Law Conference in Washington, D.C.! As far as I can tell, it’s the first CLE presentation ever recorded with a 360° video camera and posted to YouTube. We discussed legal issues with augmented reality &…